Precinct ambitions

We spent some time with Art Group development manager, Gabe Szivek, and asked him some questions about Canberra's newest precinct.

What excites you the most about the new precinct?

We're excited about the opportunity to create a true community that extends beyond the walls of the buildings. This is a precinct we rarely get to see. Creating a master planned community allows us to bring a consistent approach through the landscaping. It extends the feel of amenity and the personal environment. A rich landscape tapestry also creates the chance to integrate public art and communal spaces.

What will it be like, living at Mulberry? What's the vision?

Our vision is to break the mould of a traditional apartment project and deliver world-class innovative living choices.  We are exploring innovative approaches that have never been seen in Canberra. The focus is on planning and delivering exceptional homes and spaces that make living practical, functional and a joy to come home to. It's urban living reimagined.

You're a Canberra based company, how does your local knowledge influence your projects?

We are a local company with a longstanding portfolio of successful projects, and we focus solely on the Capital.

Over the years, we've established an exceptional group of local consultants and trades. This team understands the desired outcomes of Canberrans - from our customers, to the broader community.

We also employ and invest significantly in the local community. Money spent here, stays here and we want the local economy to thrive.

Art Group seek out innovative ways to make the lives of residents simple, convenient and fun. There are many things we have negotiated for Mulberry that will add to each resident's experience.

Tell us about the features that stand out to you.

We are leading the way with lower cost utilities through Embedded Networks that provide power, hot water and internet services. That includes instant access to wifi throughout all communal spaces.

The parcel and refrigerated lockers, PopCar and the Electric Bike Share. Art Group was the first private developer in Australia to provide this exciting innovation at its Turner project - On Forbes. We remain committed to delivering more throughout Mulberry and future Soho projects. Plus, Darren Palmer has hand crafted every Mulberry interior. He has even expertly selected stylish furniture packages.

All these perks will help you live life your way. They make life exciting within and outside the precinct and allow you to travel around the city with ease.

How will the Northbourne Corridor revitalise Canberra?

From a master planned community conceived in the 60s, this iconic location will be reimagined to embrace modern living. With a commitment to retaining the communal focus of the past, Mulberry will set a new standard for urban living that will evolve with the Soho precinct over the next few years. It will be a vibrant destination and a true mixed-use precinct.

With such great amenities at your doorstep; unmatched innovation; and travel options, why would you live anywhere else? If you do need to venture away from Soho, the Light Rail is always right out the front.