Embedded Networks at Mulberry

Art Group pushes the boundaries of design to bring quality and innovative features to apartment living, creating sustainable communities for future generations.

Art Group Development Manager, Gabe Szivek said, “We consider life from the resident’s perspective in everything we do, which is evident in the world-class features that are integrated throughout our projects. Our aim is to ensure that each project’s design and innovative features selected will make a change to everyday lives and more importantly add value.”

“Our forward-thinking approach is manifested at Mulberry in Dickson, the first release in the Soho precinct. We have partnered with OC Energy to bring residents embedded networks to lower the cost of their utilities.”

“Embedded networks supply an entire building with a host of services which are individually metered to each apartment. This allows for electricity to be supplied more efficiently and cost-effectively as it’s purchased in bulk from the distributor and those infrastructure savings are passed to owners, retail services and residents,” said Gabe.

“We have included embedded networks at Mulberry in Dickson to supply residents with power, gas, hot water and internet at a rate that is around 10% - 20% lower compared to standard retail rates. It will also be easier to set up allowing you to start using your utilities sooner - with just one call residents will be able to connect all their services rather than set them up individually,” said Gabe.

“Residents will also be able to access bills and live data 24/7 through the password protected OC Energy Portal via smartphone, tablet or computer.”

“They will be able to track, monitor and set targets for their utilities usage to stay informed and avoid any surprises upon receiving their bills,” said Gabe.

“Internet services will be pre-connected to enable instant Wi-Fi setup from the first day they step foot into their new apartment. Residents will also have free Wi-Fi access in all common areas via the embedded networks so they’ll be able to surf the web by the pool, stream Netflix at the Zen Garden or stream audio on the rooftop terrace.”


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